JonNy - Manager/Gunsmith

Jonathan eats sleeps and breathes guns and shooting sports. 

Jonathans experience and knowledge of everything to do with rifles, air rifles and shotgun shooting is second to none.

As an expert gunsmith he regularly works on every type of gun; whether you need a service, fix or modification he can help.

Favourite Gun - Miroku MK38 Trap



Mitch - Brand / Asst Manager

Shooting and field sports have long been a passion for Mitch and he can usually be found shooting at the local clay shoots around Hampshire.

Working locally all of his life, Mitch knows the local shooting circuit and local businesses well.  Given the opportunity to combine his professional life and his passion he took the opportunity to join the team in October 2016.

Favourite  Gun - Benelli 828U

Karina - Operations and Rifles

Shooting from a very young age, Karina is considered one of the best shots in the team. She regularly visits France to take part in competitive shooting.

Favourite Gun - Smith & Wesson .38 Special